Dating my ex boyfriends cousin

Yes, it sounds like a total stress dream. Your ex dating your sister or brother or ( more Psycho music) YOUR MOM. But it actually happens a lot.
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That's pretty effed lol, esp if the relationship was long and the relative is like closely related. I met up with V yesterday along with my best friend and her boyfriend, M.


It was sort of a double date I guess. As M is a close friend of V's, V randomly mentioned to him that if it wasn't for the bad breakup between my ex and I, he would totally go for me. But since my ex and I ended on bad terms because he cheated on me, it makes it hard for V and M told my best friend that if anything was to happen between V and I, my friendship with my ex has to be at least on the talking level, if not then leave it my best friend is trying to hook me up with V.

I approached my ex before all this happened and we agreed that hating is not a good virtue so we settled things and in a way, we're on good terms.

People Who Married Or Dated Their Ex's Sibling Reveal How It Turned Out

At least we're talking and I feel comfortable being his friends unlike before. In a sense you guys are right, it all depends on V's mindset if he's going to take things abroad. Now that things aren't as intense between my ex and I, do you guys think V would consider us? Is it wrong for V to even feel this way about me? After a few months I think it's okay for both to accept that you need to move on.

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Even if your ex may seem like he's alright with it, he might not really be. Respect the relationship that you both previously had together before getting into a new one. Plus, if V really does like you, he'll eventually ask you out anyways.

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No need to rush into things. Wouldn't recommend it, especially if they are close cousins.

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Could cause unnecessary mess and awkwardness and an overload of jealousy. Likewise you may be putting their relationship into jeopardy for the being your ex's hand-me-downs.

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  • You could possibly tolerate being seen as the 'second-hand pants' or 'w. However do not let the prejudice society stop you from your happiness, as long as you know the consequences - then you shouldn't regret seeking for what makes you happy. By LyraYoo Started March 14, By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, By marykarmelina Started July 9, By 0ly40 Started January 12, Related Questions Anything wrong with dating your ex cousin? Is it wrong to date my best friends cousins ex?

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    Is it wrong to date my ex boyfriend's cousin? Is dating an ex-family member brother wrong??? Is it wrong to date your ex-prom date cousin???? What does being anti-social mean to you and why? What should I do?

    Im Dating My Ex Boyfriends Cousin

    Which is important for marriage, Race or Height? Have you ever had a threesome before?

    Dating Your Ex’s Best Friend

    No comments have so far been submitted. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards. Saturday, Jan 19th 5-Day Forecast. Can I go after my cousin's ex? If she gives you the go ahead, don't be too direct, like inviting him out on a one-to-one date. Share or comment on this article: Woman is 'refused a termination by Irish hospital' just Police investigator is fired and another resigns for Tiny space in Audi footwell where crying boy, Heartbreaking image of baby who died after father shook Duke of Edinburgh exchanges 'well-wishes' with the two Police seize more than 17, gallons of 'illicit fuel' Developer who built 12 illegal secret bungalows disguised Ex-boyfriend of young mother, 17, who vanished in PGA golfer Lucas Glover's wife dodges trial The Queen, 92, drives her Range Rover without a seatbelt The rise and fall of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker: One of Britain's fattest cats Mitzi who tipped the scales Is the speedboat killer hiding in Thailand?

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